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Polaroid CUBE – Actionkamera

Polaroid stellte auf der Photokina den neuen Polaroid CUBE vor, eine Mini-Actionkamera mit 1080p-Aufnahme-Funktion, Micro SD-Slot, LED-Licht und einem USB-Anschluss. Weitere Infos:

„The Polaroid Cube is a unique, eye-catching and fashionable lifestyle product available in various trendy colors and measuring just 35 mm x 35 mm. The Polaroid Cube captures video in high-definition and features a wide angle lens and simple, one-button operation for a wide range of applications.

“Polaroid products are known around the world for helping people capture and share life’s most memorable moments instantly and easily. This is the concept of the Polaroid Cube: the first bicycle ride of your child without using training wheels, a surfing lesson during vacation – special moments should not get lost”, explains Hardy. The Polaroid Cube comes with a wide range of accessories that are as fashionable and in style as the camera itself. Accessories vary from the stylish monkey stand, helmet and bicycle mounts to waterproof cases.

The Polaroid Cube captures video in high definition 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 and still images at 6 megapixels. The wide angle lens provides 124° of coverage and has a high capacity battery that allows for up to 90 minutes of video. Moreover, the camera supports up to 32 gigabyte microSD cards. Additionally, the Polaroid Cube features an integrated microphone and LED-light for usage at night or in the dark.“

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