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American Truck Simulator – Developer Interview and Gameplay (EN)

Although the American Truck Simulator is not finished yet we had the chance to talk with Pavel Sebor from SCS Software about the game and asked him very detailed questions about the American Truck Simultor. We talked about the new features in the American Truck Simulator, the new weigh stations on the highways, a mulitplayer in the game from SCS Software and the included territories. Moreover we talked about the steam workshop support.
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  1. Der Truck-Simualtor ist einer der wenigen Simulationsspiele, die gut sind 🙂

    Toller Beitrag.

  2. Juhu, ein Interview über den Nachfolger meines Lieblingsspiels. Sehr aufschlussreich. Ich freue mich schon auf die nächsten Spiele.

  3. Da nimmt er dir das Mikro weg :D

  4. It will be the same as the euro truck 2

  5. Super Interview, aber leider keine Untertitel….

  6. Good interview but it looks like we maybe waiting a little longer to play this maybe?

  7. Usa,canada and mexico

  8. What about release date???

  9. here are my thought like it or not 

    i think that scs should release a demo or something of the game as they do keep saying we are fixing bugs and stuff like that so if they release a demo all the fans and people who will by the game will be able to help them out as scs keeps saying they need more people to get th egame out faster so if they do that then all the fans will be able to play a demo even with one or 2 more cities all the players would be able to comment to twitter about whats happing to the game and as for the truck licenses they said they need to get them as in the interview video i saw the owner pavel said that getting the licenses with a finished product is fast if they release a demo and people who  play tel them for whats wrong then they can get the license faster like he said with a finised product its fast because they can get there trucks in fast and easy they can add that later if they want but for now release a demo

  10. The models are very good, which should redesign is the user interface and the GPS, that would be great, obviously the basis of the game is ETS2.

  11. You will not have bi-train the ATS ??? trucks rigid ??

  12. As a Californian I'm totally stoked that SCS is starting with my state first. Dude.

  13. Valla süper.

  14. if the gameplay is the same as ets2 and just the models, the cars, the map .why not just make it as dlc.. i dont know if it was stated in the video.. at least with it as a dlc you can drive from north america to europe if you want.. bigger map to explore

  15. what release date ? I'm french so i don't enderstand

  16. Will you be able to play both games in 1 career mode?
    Like if I start a garage in America, will my AI collegues continue in Euro at least?

  17. he boy neccesary is russian :DD

  18. Lars Erik Grindvold (wildboy90)

    Low sound!

  19. Mack, International and Freightliner should be the other 3

  20. I am disappointed that there will not be real damage. Not again.. ;;(((

  21. Can't wait to drive down Route 66 blasting Springsteen while drinking my whiskey. Good times man.

  22. Hands please !!!!

  23. Hye Xenforo MacedoniaNS

    DLC of ETS 2? Cmon, even it has the same interface. I guess it will have even the same sound of blinker, tires and lots of stuff

  24. You do not see that many classic cars in America driving around. I'd reduce the amount personally.
    Just an observation.

  25. Awesome, I like that my 2 favorite companies are in the base game! I'm guessing that Volvo, Freightliner, and International are the other 3 they talked to?

  26. William Shepherd

    5:23 He's gonna crash, he's gonna crash! CUT AWAY

  27. Hi,
    Ich gehe mal davon aus, das auch der American Truck Simulator den nervigen Mod Manager enthält und Pavel Sebor mal fragen könntest, was er sich bei dem Teil gedacht hat.

    Mods werden von unten nach oben geladen und das mit den Z vor einer Mod kann man auch vergessen, wenn sie feste Namen bekommen und da wird das suchen nach der richtigen Reihenfolge zu einem echten Geduldspiel.

    Sorry, aber ich finde den neuen Mod Manager einfach nur grauenhaft und fande es besser wie es vorher war und mit dieser Meinung stehe ich nicht alleine da.

    Wäre echt dankbar wenn der Mod Manager so schnell wie er gekommen ist, auch wieder verschwinden würde.

    Viele Grüße,

  28. 5:45 That was close…

  29. sam1234567890tout

    probably another 2 or 3 years till release probably woudnt surprise me

  30. This developer is an idiot, weight stations are a huge deal. I wish they would add truck stops with 20-50 trucks like you see in real life, with tight parking spots you have to back into.

  31. Why is the sound so low? When this game comes out, this will be the only game i will be playing lol

  32. you can get subtitles?

  33. I'm Italian and I do not speak much english but with subtitles, even with some mistakes I understand more. you can activate the same, please?

  34. Spin tires and more

    lets all help them out

  35. I really don't like this DLC model. By the sounds of it each state will be $5

  36. Pavel is sexy (no homo)

  37. Oww I thought the Coach Simulator is going to be a separate game, but now the developer said Coaches are going to be added into Euro Truck Simulator 2. 
    Or maybe I misunderstood it, maybe he meant it that the game is going to use the ETS 2 base. 
    I don't know, either way I can not wait for both ATS and Coach Sim 
    Good job SCS you guys have my support ^_^

  38. Yess! We players in Brazil really await a game featured here!

  39. No built in MP no buy

  40. If the game is over US$26 it is still not worth supporting either (US$26 = AUD$35)

  41. DLC is a bad idea

  42. Almost sounds like ANOTHER COMPANY needs to start a crowd funding to offer another game besides ets2

  43. 6:40 mod manager is different from steam workshop

  44. Stavros Spyridonidis

    Imagine in the future to be a mod when the American Truck Simulator came out to ship from america to europe :D

  45. Good, now connect the ETS and ATS in one huge map, will be epic gaming experience

  46. Sehr sympathisch. Ich freu mich. :D

  47. Can't wait to get the Peterbilt 281 duel truck and 1948 fruehauf tanker and just have a great time at 95mph…
    With that engine roar and horn too from the movie Duel.

  48. The reason why America has the weight stations is because first of all it would be a pain for them to have them in the towns or at the warehouses like over in Europe so putting them as a side road on the interstates eliminates a crap load of headaches and in America if you do not get your truck weighted then you either pay a fine or get pulled over by the cops.

  49. They should put in Crooked Street just for fun.

  50. Christopher Lorenzo

    Can't wait for the southeast and Midwest. I would love to drive from Ohio down through West Virginia into Virginia through the blue ridge mountains

  51. VancouverCanucksRock

    LOL they expect Modders to provide additional content. That is why the game will ship with 2 MAYBE 3 Licensed trucks/makes? I like how he calls Cali a Continent sized content

  52. I hate to drive on the roads of American trucks simulator, and I hope also to drive my truck Daf and Scania Mods ETS2 on the roads of America 🙂 Sorry for my bad English, i am French :)

  53. Can't wait to get behind the wheel of my Peterbilt!

  54. Will we be able to use the known trucks, like MAN, DAF, Volvo, Mercedes, Scania, Renault and IVECO for American Truck Simulator?

  55. make it for xbox360

  56. make it for xbox360

  57. brazil


  59. I really want to have Mack trucks in the game.

  60. Sounds like it's just a DLC

  61. Some Kid Plays CS:GO

    what a shitty interviewer

  62. Euro Coach Simulator? Why don't you make ikarus buses?

  63. Please bring back cops from the original. So you have a chance to escape your fuck up.

  64. Wait, so the entire United States will not be available at launch? But instead, it will come out as DLC? De fuc?

  65. realease  date?

  66. bla bla bla SCS verspricht viel wenn der Tag lang ist die sollen mal in die Puschen kommen ist echt zum kotzen viel ankündigen und nichts machen

  67. Learn English first then go for the interview and shit so next time u dont have to think for the words…

  68. Can't wait to drive around San Diego, LA, and Texas!

  69. whertes the east coast?

  70. when will american truck simulator
    realese date

  71. Michael Kolimago

    I hope they have Freightliner because those are the best looking IMO.


  73. put this game on console don't won't shitty games like farmer SIM lumber jack simulator

  74. I wish they could of put the Volvo VN 780 in the 18 Wheel Of Steel series but now since this game is gonna have it I don't know if my rig is gonna be able to play it. Please don't make this game a Steam requirement…I don't like Steam.

  75. Be cool to see your companies trucks and logo on the road the bigger your business gets. Also, instead of the instant speed ticket have CHP (California Highway Patrol) pull you over or any highway patrol pull you over.

  76. Just drive around SF and LA and turn on the music from GTA San Andreas… U won't be flying but it will be enjoyable still.

  77. So basically this entire game is an overpriced DLC for ETS2. Why am i not surprised?

  78. Jaymie Racingrivalsplayer

    so there will be less customisation in the game right? And I hope we get freightliner argosys

  79. Maybe my future job could be a developer at SCS

  80. Simulatoren Player

    Warum ist das Englisch ??

  81. I wate till Canada comes to the game!!!!!!!!

  82. love pavels honesty.

  83. Is these games for mobile phones like android and apple because i have a android?

  84. well this is freaking retarded because its not for android

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